Second Chances

April 9, 2007


Like it or not many times in life you don’t get a second chance. I know there have been times in my life that I would have killed for one (my fifth grade spelling bee comes to mind…who would have thought that “difficult” had two f’s! Oh the irony…). In sports those chances come around on a fairly regular basis but not always when it matters most.

Last year my Predators made the playoffs for the second straight year and faced the San Jose Sharks. The Sharks outplayed the Preds physically and mentally and took us in five games. While we could make excuses, the fact was that the Sharks handled us with ease and we got exactly what we deserved. We played undisciplined and it showed.

In October the Sharks visited Nashville for a rematch and the Preds came out on top 4-3. All of the Pred nation rejoiced with the new and improved play and the win over Thornton and Checoo. Young Alexander Radulov scored his first NHL goal and all was right with the world. While it was a big win…it’s this playoff rematch that means something.

This year is a different year and a different Preds team. We got bigger, we added some key veteran leadership and have taken 30% fewer penalties that we did last season. This is not the same team that lost in five last year.

I still believe in second chances and I believe the Preds won’t let me down this time.


One comment

  1. Let’s go Pred-a-tors! (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap!)

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