Game Two Tonight!

April 13, 2007


The roller coaster marathon of game is behind us now but I don’t expect thing to be any less exciting tonight when the Preds and Sharks face off in game two. Look for a hard fought physical game from both sides…from the looks of game one this is going to be a long series.

Some Things to Look For Tonight:

Patrick Marleau was a beast in game one accounting for 9 Shark shots and assiting on two goals. While I felt Shea Weber played a great game against Joe Thornton the Preds need to solve Marleau. He killed us last year in the playoffs…we can’t let him do it again.

Tomas Vokoun got off to a bit of a shaky start on Wednesday but I think he got better as the game went on. I think you will see him start tonight where he left of Wednesday…the other thing to consider is the fact that everyone was talking about the incredible game Nabakov played. Tomorrow it will be all Vokoun.

Scott Hartnell was kicked out of the game for a knee on knee intent to injure call. It appears that the league will not come back with any suspension for Hartnell. I do expect the Sharks to go after Hartnell a bit though…look for an early call against the Sharks for just that. The officials will be looking for that. Asked whether or not his team would look to retaliate Sharks coach Ron ‘Have I Complained Yet’ Wilson said “What’s the point of retaliation? I’m not even going to comment on that, I can only get in trouble.”

Jordin Tootoo gets under a teams skin when he plays them for a game at a time let alone a seven game series. Look for more of that tonight as Jordin will get a couple of Sharks to take the bait and take a trip to the box.

My PREDiction: While this game is not a must win for the Preds it is pretty darn close. I think the Preds come out strong tonight and even this series back up at 1-1. The key early one will be whether the Preds can stay out of the box…if they do they take this one 4-2.

Oh and by the way…even though the Tennessean has Steve Sullivan as out I again would not be surprised if he shows up on the ice tonight



  1. I predict a 3-2 Nashville win


  3. cool site man, can you add me to your blogroll

  4. I hope you are right predjoe. I was at game 1 but I will be watching this one at home. Hopefully Hartnell can keep his cool. He has been known to take a bad penalty every now and then due to his temper. This is something he improved this year over last. I predict a 4-3 win by the Preds.

  5. Danny – leave another comment with your blog and I’ll take a look!

  6. dghockey.wordpress.com

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