All Tied Up!

April 14, 2007


Let the Sharks whining and crying begin! We will hear all about how the Preds are dirty. How Nabakov had a bad game. How the refs hate them. Excuses…lots of them. I guarantee that no credit will be given to the Preds for winning this game. For killing off a key 5-3 opportunity. A great game by Vokoun…nothing. No credit!

Radulov is incredible: Yes I know I have said that he before but he is. The kid is using the playoffs as his coming out party. For those around the league who may not know about him they now. (The hit he laid tonight deserved the penalty…I am not defending that at all. I think he just let his emotion/energy take him too far out of control)

Ron Wilson in an idiot: This shouldn’t come as a shock to many people but the fact that he ‘declined’ to comment to the press following his teams loss is ridiculos. This guy is a piece of work and the biggest complainer in the league.

The Sharks Are Bullies: Going after any player is uncalled for but to use two players to do it is classless and that is what they did to Hartnell late in the game.

JP Dumont has arrived:
Seriously this guy has showed up in this series in a big way! 4 goals in two games. Just wondering where this dynamic player was all year…not really complaining but just wondering.

Peter Forsberg is doing what we wanted: Two goals tonight…no one will be laughing at this deal if we keep playing like this.

A great win by the Preds tonight. Looking forward to game three…won’t even begin to think about that now. Just enjoying the fact that the boys tied it up.



  1. Nice game. If this type of stuff continues, neither one of these teams will have anything left for Anaheim.
    Looking forward to Game Three as well.

  2. You are right Pred Joe, the Preds will probably not get the credit they deserve for the pounding they put on the Sharks last night. Sharks coach Ron Wilson has to be one of the biggest crybabies in the league. We are fortunate that our coach is a man of class that doesn’t cry everytime things do not go his way.

  3. Last night I’m watching NHL Hockey Tonight on ESPN and the host asks the expert, “Of all these playoff hockey games we had tonight, what stood out to you most?”

    The expert replies, “Hands down, the intensity of the Nashville Predators.”

    Go Preds!

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