Radulov Out For Game 3

April 15, 2007

Preds forward Alexander Radulov learned yesterday that he would indeed be out for game three for his hit on Shark Steve Bernier. A huge blow to this team. Alexander The Geat (ATG as I like to call him) has been on fire for the first two games (three goals) and his spark will be missed.

“I have never been in this situation in my life before so I don’t know what to feel,” said ATG after learning he will sit for next game.

This is tough to swallow as a Preds fan. The hit on Bernier was questionable for sure but I don’t think this suspension is about the hit…it’s the NHL sending a message to both of these teams that rough play will not be tolerated. Point taken.

The question to me is why Clowe did not get an instigator on his fight with Jordin Tootoo. He dropped his gloves to go after Hartnell. Then settles for a go with Tootoo. I guess the league didn’t have issue with that.

WILSON SPEAKS – After being silent follwing the Sharks game two loss ‘the whiner’ is once again back at it.

“The rhetoric coming (from Trotz)is that we went there to start a street brawl, which to me is comical,” said Whiner.

‘Comical?’ Really? I don’t think sending Clowe after Hartnell is comical. Nor do I think it comical that two other Sharks went after Hartnell when Tootoo bailed Hartnell out. Seriously…your guys were looking for paybacks…and they got it.

Game three could get interesting.

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One comment

  1. I agree with you Joe. The Radulov suspension was all about sending a message. I, like you, cannot figure out what happened to the instigator penalty for Clowe. I hope we can make it to the next round soon so we don’t have to listen to Wilson’s whining. He sent his tough guys out at the end of the game and he has the nerve to complain about Trotz.

    By the way, did anyone see the hit from behind at the end of the Senator’s and Penguin’s game today? That hit made Radulov’s hit on Bernier look like a love tap. It will be interesting to see if any suspension will be handed down for that hit. It didn’t even draw a 5 minute major from the officials on the ice. Just another example of officiating inconsistency.

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