Red Wings Looking Good…

April 15, 2007

flames_62847.jpgSeriously…you don’t know how much that pained me to write that…it really did but the fact remains the Red Wings have been dominant in their series. Take a look at these stats. At first glance they look kind of close.

Red Wings Flames
Score 3 1
(not bad…doesn’t look like a blowout by any means)

PIM 12 16
(neither team was in the box that much more than the other)

HITS 35 33
(real close here and if the game is playe in Calgary I bet it goes the other way)

Face Offs Won 25 33
(Calagary gets a decent edge in face offs)

Shots On Goal 51 15

What the??? Yes you read that right. The wings outshot the Flames 51-15. That my hockey loving friends is tough to beat. I don’t care who you have in goal there is no way you can win. If the flames want to come back in this series they need to find a way to limit those shots or petition the NHL to have two goalies in net.


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