Not The Preds Best

April 17, 2007

(the above photo captures perfectly to me what the Preds did last night…covered their heard and waited for it to be over)


Okay…so I talked about all the things that the Sharks did right but now I have to address some of the things that the Preds did poorly. While any team would have been hard pressed to beat the Sharks that showed up last night we didn’t help ourselves out.

Turnovers Keep Killing Us – How many times do we see one of our guys makes careless pass that turns into a turnover that ends up in the back of our net. I am a huge fan of our defense as a whole but it seems at times we lose focus and it costs us. Hamhuis did it last night late in the third when we were down 2-1…if you watch him in the replay even after the turnover happens he is not in the play at all…he just watched it happen.

Where Did Our Physical Game Go – I realize that we may be a little gun shy after some of our physical play has ended up costing in suspensions and box time but last night we did not throw the body like we have been. The Sharks hit us hard and hit us often. Even when we got hit we didn’t look strong…we would fall and collapse.

Penalties Killed Us – We cannot give this team so many chances on the power play. I understand that we did a great job of killing them off (the Sharks went 0-6 on the power play last night) but that caused to go out of any game plan that we had.

It’s time to man up Preds! Do you want it? Then play like it!


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