Sharks Win 3-1

April 17, 2007

Well…not sure what to say at this point. Bottom line here is that we did not lose this game the Sharks won it. They outplayed us start to finish.

More in the morning. Going to bed now hoping it will feel better in the morning. Doubt it though.



  1. What is Nashville going to do now? This was a complete white washing. Just to show the complete dominance- Face-offs for the Sharks

    in the offensive zone- 29
    in the neutral zone- 24
    in the defensive zone- 7

    I have never seen a disparity that one-sided

  2. I would like to say that Radulov’s return will help the team. However, the suspension may well have sucked the enthusiasm out of his game and he doesn’t take face-offs. Our centers need to raise their game and we need to get back to the physical games we played here in Nashville. I think Radulov’s suspension caused our guys to back off on the hitting last night.

  3. The Preds were outplaying the Sharks for the first twenty and then shelled up… They’ll bring it in Game four. Still a series.

  4. I agree ‘bullet’…I think the boys bounce back.

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