These Sharks Are Good

April 17, 2007


Anytime your team loses I think the first reaction is to look at your team and find fault. While I will do that in a post later today I think I first need to give credit to the Sharks for a well played game.

What They Did:

Played Physical – The Sharks played the physical game I expected but they did not take the penalties that I thought would come with that. They played a smart tough game.

Shut Them Down – Okay…so did you know that we have some good players on our team? Jason Arnott, Martin Erat, Paul Kayria, David Legwand…any of those names ring a bell? Well if you have been watching this series they have done a great job silencing them (I know that Leggy and Kayria helped on Suter’s first goal).

Big On The Blue
– Was anyone reminded of a Red Wings team that doesn’t like to give up the blue watching the Sharks last night? They were tough to get by and we could not get anything going because of it. In the third when the Preds needed to come back they only allowed SIX shots on goal!

Shooting Gallery – Preds goalie Tomas Vokoun had to be seeing pucks and teal in his sleep last night because that’s all he saw during the game. They shot the puck well and kept shooting it…from everywhere. They out shot the Preds 41-20.

Great game Sharks!


One comment

  1. I agree with you 100%. Last night was a game that we got up 1-0 and seemed to be satisfied with that! Same story though all year long. I give the Sharks a lot of credit but I question the “Killer Instinct” of the Preds. If any team watches the Preds they know that all they have to do to beat this team is get up on them and then play the trap game. We have not been able to beat the trap much all year. You can look at series like Minnesota and Chicago to know that.

    The Preds look good in the first and in my opinion that was it. They also seemed very very caustious when it came to the physical aspect of the game. They were totally out worked and seem to be scared to hit.

    The officiating was what it was. I find it extremely hard to believe that the Sharks didn’t commit a penalty until the 3rd period or at least late in the 2nd. But again we took stupid penalties and that wore us down.

    Game 4 is now a must win for the Preds. Radulov back should make this game more interesteing.

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