Erat Out…Bettman In

April 18, 2007


The Predators have recalled forward Ramzi Abid from the Milwaukee Admirals for tonight game. It appears that the leg injury that Erat suffered the other night is going to keep him out.

When Abid was up earlier this year I felt like he really played hard. I really think that he could help give us a spark tonight. You kow he is going to be pumped playing in such a huge game. Here is a future full time Pred playing in the biggest game in the history of the franchise. C’mon Ramzi!

Also of Note:
NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman will be in attendance at the Shark Tank. So…what does that mean? Could mean officials calling a tight game to impress their boss that they know a hook when they see one. Could get ridiculous. Let’s hope not!

None of this affects my Prediction…we still win 4-1!


  1. I’m definitely pulling for Nashville… but for my own petty reasons. I have Dumont in my hockey pool as my Preds player, and Mark “Healthy Scratch” Bell as my Sharks player. Go Preds!

  2. petty or not…we’ll take the support!

    I am stuck in traffic right now and not real happy about it. My TREO keeps me company though.

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