Must Win

April 18, 2007


Okay to be honest tonight is not a true must win. That would be win or go home…this is more of the win or start making tee times variety. The Preds need to take this game and get a split out in San Jose because the idea of having to beat this team three games in a row is not real appealing to me.

While the Sharks played a near flawless game in game three I am still confident that the Predators can skate away with a win Wednesday night. In order to make that happen I think we need to see our stars shine in the tank.

Paul Kayria – Paul has been silent in this series so far. I honestly can’t tell if the Sharks are really doing that good of a job on him or if he is just not finding the open ice that he needs. C’mon Paul! Let’s earn that 4.5 million shall we?

Jason Arnott – The heir apparent to the captaincy after Kimmo leaves via free agency this year is in the first of a 4 year 20 million dollar deal. You too have been MIA this series. We brought you here for your size…use it! Make them move you. Throw your weight around a little.

Tomas Vokoun – There are some who will say that Vokoun has played a good series and to you I would say you are right. But Wednesday night at ‘the tank’ good won’t cut it. We need one of those vintage Vokoun nights where nothing gets through. You can win this game by yourself.

Any Predator Taking A Face-off – For the love of all things holy please win some more face offs. We are losing key drops in the offensive zone and letting them get the puck out. We need to win it back and fire it on net. If our faces off troubles continue we could be done for that alone. I never thought I would be pining away for Yanic Perrault!

My Prediction – I believe in the Preds. I believe that they will show up and take game four and bring the series back to Nashville tied two apiece. Preds win 4-1 in a game in which we still get out shot but we make ours count. Go Preds!



  1. I agree with what you have said here Joe. I hope you are right about that score. This is probably the biggest game in the history of the franchise. As you said, it is not a true must win but it is as all but over if we don’t win tonight. That would put a bitter end to what was supposed to be a great season.

  2. Darrell – Kimmo echoed your sentiments when he said the exact same thing.

    “It’s not a secret that it’s probably the biggest game in the franchise history,” Predators captain Kimmo Timonen said.

  3. Joe, I’m glad you brought up Jason Arnott b/c I have wondered this over the last couple games. What is he doing? How long has it been since he scored? Where’s that big canon of a shot of his? I’m seeing nothing out of him.

  4. The Preds are a bunch of goons. Tootoo is a thug on skates. Hartnell is also a thug on skates. They lost BAD to SJ last year so they purposely when out and gooned up for this year. Trotz is a tug who likes thug players. Trotz is the “Roaming Knome” from Travelocity commcerials. This team will be playing is KC’s new Sprint Arena next year and Trotz will be fired. Sharks will kick your ass in the next 2 games.

  5. LOL!! Well Mr. I Hate Nashville..you just proved the point that there is at least one idiot on every Predators board and on this one its you. You stated that the preds went out and gooned up. Can you tell me who we aquired that is a goon? Jason Arnott, Peter Forsberg, J.P. Dumont……none of them are goons. The people you mentioned here are not goons. Hartnell is a top NHL forward and you will see more of him in the years to come. Tootoo reguarly takes shifts and is often paired with the likes of Kariya, Forsberg and Radulov. These players were not aquired over this last off season. They have been with this team for years. So get your facts straight before you start spouting off at the mouth. And as far as the Preds moving to KC. That is the best laugh I have had all day. No one wants to move to KC so why would a team that is having so much success despite what you read in your little home town newspaper want to leave Nashville?

    Joe, my friend, I must disagree with you and say this is a must win for the Preds. I understand the technicality behind that statement but going down 3 games to 1 to this team is a death sentence. Preds have to win tonight. Go PREDS!!

  6. “The Preds are a bunch of goons…they purposely when out and gooned up for this year.”

    I don’t know where you are getting your info (perhaps you are a member of Ron Wilson’s fan club) but to say that the Preds are goons is ridiculous. To say that we ‘gooned up’ is a lie! Let’s see the two ‘goons’ we added this year were J.P Dumont (man he is one scary player!) and Jason Arnott. Combined fighting majors during the entire 06-07 season? ZERO!!! You’re an idiot!

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