A Late Charge…

April 19, 2007

if we could have just stayed out of the box we could have made a better game of it.

will write more in the morning.



  1. Man, I am just as frustrated as last year at this time. To not get a shot until the 15:00 minute mark of the 3rd is unacceptable. We looked good early but we appear to be in over our heads yet again this year. I feel like we can take game 5 here at home on Friday but will it matter?

  2. Hey guys,

    As a Sharks fan, I wanted to say that it wasn’t as bad as you think. One or two bounces and it could have gone either way in the first couple periods. One of the things the Sharks do best when they are playing well is to wear down the opposing team by playing a lot of minutes in the offensive zone. I think that Nashville is a good team, but when the Sharks get on their game, they are tough to beat.

    Barry Trotz needs to put players on the ice that can contribute more minutes. Abid was only out there for 4:36 in replacement for Erat who was averaging about 16 minutes. Tootoo only out there 7:49. None of the Sharks players were less than 10 minutes of ice time.

    I wish this was the Western Conference finals. I think Trotz is a good coach, but I have a feeling he might not be back next year because of his road playoff record.

    Anyway, back to Nashville. Have fun at the game if you guys can go.

    I don’t know what both teams did to deserve this, but after playing each other, it looks like the winner gets to go play flippin DETROIT next. C’mon Minnesota 🙂


  3. Sharks fan, here, season ticket holder who was at the game. From my perspective, it seemed like the Preds did not manage their intensity well — from the first drop of the puck they were skating at the Sharks at full tilt, like it was the last five minutes of a Game 7, and they were down by a goal. There’s a time and a place for that kind of desperation, but it’s generally not the first period of a Game 4, and I think as a result they wore themselves out quickly. All the Sharks needed to do was weather the storm — which, thanks to some sharp play by Nabby, they did — and by the middle of the second period they were pretty firmly in control of the game. The Preds played somewhat more disciplined hockey than in Game 3, but still ended up killing a bunch of dumb penalties, which further wore on them.

    Also, Michalek’s second goal seemed to completely demoralize the Preds; yeah, it was flukey to go in off Timmonen’s skate, but while before that they were still playing with some urgency, in the third period they were just completely outplayed. Even on the six-on-four that led to the Hartnell goal, they were getting pretty effectively boxed out by tired Sharks penalty killers. After Hartnell scored, the Preds didn’t mount an effective attack the rest of the way, even with Vokoun pulled; Kyle McLaren absolutely embarassed Peter Forsberg at one point, stripping the puck from him and putting him down like a sack of potatoes.

    Aside from the crap in Games 1 and 2, this has been a pretty good series. These teams should’ve met in the WCF, not the quarterfinals.

  4. You guys bring up some very good points from a different perspective.

    All year long, the analysts have said that this team could go all the way. We were a good regular season team. However, I am not sure we are set up for playoff hockey. We are more of a run and gun type of team and not a grind it out playoff type team. The Sharks have put us in the grinder the last two games. I just hope there is something left to win at least one more game (for what that is worth).

  5. Thanks BC and Don…classy comments from a couple of classy fans. Thank you for the respect and intelligent comments.

    Let’s hope that this series can find a way back to being a real game between these two teams. Even when we lost in game one it didn’t feel this bad.

  6. Darrell, I don’t think it’s right to say that run-and-gun can’t work in the playoffs — look at the success Tampa Bay and Buffalo are having. But I do think that any team reliant on a run-and-gun style of play will match up poorly against San Jose (and Anaheim, Dallas, Vancouver, and to some extent Minnesota); these teams all have big, fast forwards who can both kill you down low and backcheck to disrupt your transition game, and also defensemen who don’t make a lot of mistakes on exit passes out of their defensive end. Throw in solid goaltending to take care of the occasional breakdown, and these are tough draws for a run-and-gun team; there’s not much margin for error.

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