April 20, 2007


We all know tonight is do or die. Win or go home. Win or golf tomorrow. Win or pack up their lockers (and offices maybe if your Trotz) tomorrow.

With their backs to the wall the Preds have to come out and take control of this game early. The crowd will be there (all 17,113 of them) and be waiting to explode with support for their boys. Just give us a reason early. A big hit. Big goal. Big save. Something!

Despite our attempt to super-size during the off-season we are still physically mismatched against these large Sharks but in the first two games of the series that didn’t seem to matter. We were flying around and throwing the body…we were the more physical of the two teams! Since game two though, I feel like we have been afraid to hit and have lost two in a row.

No potential needs to be left on the ice tonight. Bring everything you have Predators and play with the passion, grit and energy that we as Predator fans have come to expect and love from you. What we want tonight is Predators Hockey!!!

Let’s take it one win at a time…starting tonight.



  1. I’m taking the Preds tonight. It’ll be a close game, I’m looking forward to it.

  2. Matt – thanks for your vote of confidence! I’ll be posting from the game…should be a great atmosphere!

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