Should Trotz Keep His Job?

April 20, 2007


While the Predators face an elimination from the Stanley Cup Playoffs Friday night with a loss to the San Jose Sharks in Game 5 Preds Head Coach Barry Trotz might be facing the elimination of his job.

Let me say that I have been a fan of Barry Trotz from the beginning. Early on I think he did an incredible job getting Predator teams with little talent to play hard and with grit each and every night. It’s the kind of play that made it fun to go watch a Preds game, even when you knew they would probably lose. It was the type of play that would frustrate the good teams (especially the Red Wings) when they would play us. We had a never say die attitude.

What has changed? The Preds set a franchise record for points and wins in a season and spent much of the year hovering near the top (if not the top) of various power rankings (including our Canadian biased friends at TSN.ca). Now just four games in to a round one playoff seiries they face elimination.

If the Preds end up losing this series I think that Poile and Leipold will have no choice but to make changes behind the bench. Barry and his assistants (Brent Peterson and Peter Horachuck) will be the victims of the Preds season of promise that never lived up to expectations.

I guess the question is what happened? What could he not get to translate from the performances of his over achieving teams to this team that seems to lack some desire to win? What is he not doing as a coach, leader and voice in that locker room to not give his team the direction that they need?

Is it fair that he take the fall? In a warped way I think it is…sorry Barry. You better pray for a three game winning streak.



  1. I am not a fan of Barry Trotz. Until this season I’d kind of been ambivalent about him, but his willingness to try to make transparently dishonest excuses for the Radulov hit on Bernier in Game 2 really turned me off. I think he’s a piece of human trash.

    That said, assuming the Sharks win this series, I think it would be terribly unfair to pin the blame on him. I don’t really see what else he can do at this point. It’s not like he can magically increase the team’s depth and/or transform it into a puck-control team just for the playoffs. As I said in another thread, the Sharks are just a team that the Preds do not match up well against.

  2. I’ve never been a fan in any professional/college sport of the coach who has a great season and then gets canned because of a playoff skid at the wrong time.

    Some examples:
    Marty Schottenheimer – Leads the San Diego Chargers to the best record in the NFL at 14-2, and then loses a game to probably the best playoff team ever, Tom Brady’s Patriots. Canned the next day. One game.

    Tubby Smith – Guides Kentucky to 8 consecutive NCAA tournaments, in his last three seasons averages 24 wins a year. Manages to sneak out before the school cans him.

    This list could go on and on of coaches who have great seasons but get fired because schools or organizations jump the gun.

    But that’s where Trotz is different, it’s not just once. It’s every season.

    The Preds have never won a road playoff game. 0-8. This isn’t a one-time end of season fluke, this is the status quo. When a coach consistently under performs at the same time every year, then it is time to change something.

    I don’t know much about hockey, but I know sports in general. Hockey coach wanted.

  3. I have never been a Trotz fan but I have always been willing to give his methods the benefit of the doubt. If the boys do not pull off the 3 game miracle, he should go. We need someone behind the bench with more enthusiasm and emotion.

  4. I doubt Kansas City will care if Trotz is or isn’t the coach of their team.I feel sorry for the 10,000 fans in Nashville that will miss their team though.

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