Nichol Hurt Us

April 21, 2007


Okay…I just saw the replay of the spearing penalty called against Nichol last night (it was hard for me to see it at the other end of the ice last night) and I have to say Nichol cost us the game. He lost his cool. We had a 2-1 lead at that point, sustained pressure in their end and a delayed penalty being called against the Sharks. Nichol gets knocked down…he is mad and then he goes postal and nails him below the belt. Sharks score on the ensuing power play and the rest as they say is history.

Nicol said he ‘barely touched him’ but I just saw the replay and it looked like allot more than that. That was a classless action.

On the flip side:
The photo above shows Nichol getting decked by Rivet on a play that was not called. The Refs did call Rivet for a two minute minor for roughing but maybe this is why Scotty was a little on edge…frustrated all night. It is still no excuse.



  1. Good assessment on Nichol, when the stakes get high you need to learn to keep you cool or channel your anger.
    The refs missed some calls on both sides, but the one pictured above wasn’t one of them. Rivet was assessed a 2 minute minor for roughing at the 3 minute mark of the second period for taking his hand off the stick and pushing Nichol down.

  2. I agree with L. Boyle – Rivet was called for a roughing penalty on the play which the picture shows. And enough whining about the penalties. The reason the Sharks had no majors to the Preds 3 in the series (along with averaging 10 min less penalty time per game) is Ron Wilson demands discipline from his players all year long and holds them accountable whereas Trotz does not. The Sharks were in the top 5 for fewest penalties against despite being the biggest team in the league. The Sharks are deeper, bigger, almost as fast, and way more disciplined. That’s why they waxed the Preds again.

  3. mbuchel – I know you think you ‘waxed’ us and truth be told if you were to look at the results (4 games to 1) I would agree. A closer look at the numbers show the Sharks winning this series 15 goals to 13).

  4. Sorry to disagree. I was at two games where the Preds were dominated (of course in San Jose). When the score is 3-2 and you were out shot 41-20, face-offs were 29-7 in the offensive/defensive zones the game was not as close as the score indicates. The Sharks were the better team who could not score on the power play. 5-5 they were clearly better with the majority of play in the sharks offensive zone. The frustration of the Preds showed in the major penalties. the Preds need to learn from this and get better. The Sharks had the same experience (against Edmonton) last year and got better. Hopefully it is enough to finally win it all, though Anaheim still matches up great with the Sharks and if we meet them I think they will take us out.

  5. I wouldn’t go so far as to say Nichol cost the Preds the game, but it was definitely a stupid, stupid penalty at a time when the game was the Preds’ to lose. The Preds had some momentum and an edge on the scoreboard, but then it seemed like a few of them turned off their brains: Vokoun slashing Bernier in the crease, and Nichol spearing Ehrhoff in the junk in retaliation for pushing and shoving that was about to be an interference minor.

    We’d already seen, in Games 3 and 4, that even when the Sharks PP isn’t producing points, it’s wearing the Preds down, keeping their skill guys off the ice, and otherwise exposing their lack of depth. Taking those two penalties was just all kinds of dumb.

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