Media Questions Forsberg Deal

April 22, 2007

So I went and picked up my Sunday paper a bit depressed that I would not see a ‘game six preview’ article. What I did find bothered me more than that. A headline just below the header on the front page of the paper.


Seriously…what good can come from this headline? I can’t think of one. It doesn’t make Forsberg want to stay here (if he plays anywhere). Peter has to look at our paper and question whether this is a viable hockey market at all.

I have stayed off of the ‘Tennessean’s Preds coverage sucks’ bandwagon but this make me want junp right on. I feel like this was a low blow to hurting team.

I understand that there needs to be objective reporting and I was not expecting a pretty picture to be painted about our third early exit in a row but let’s place blame where it belongs not with a player who played his heart out for this team while he was here.

Thanks for nothing Tennessean.



  1. The title should have said
    “Trotz not the answer.”

  2. I agree…I think Trotz could be gone. I plan on posting more about that this week.

  3. I couldn’t agree more Joe. The Tennesssean sure does seem to enjoy piling on. Forsberg was not the problem by any means. I hope he does not read the paper. They seem to focus on the negatives.

    I am curious to hear your take on Trotz’s future as well as the future of our free agents.

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