Foppa To Pull A Rocket?

April 25, 2007


So I was thinking about the Predators and all the unrestricted free agents that we have (Hartnell, Timonen, Kayria and Forsberg and a few others but these are the big profile guys) and it caused me to really think about the future of Forsberg.

When Nashville traded part of our future for the future hall of famer I thought the only way he would resign with us would be if he wins a cup or we go extremely deep into the playoffs, neither of which came close to happening. Now that I really feel he won’t be coming back to Nashville I turned to where I thought he might go.

1. Philly – Perhaps Peter wants to finish what he started there. Perhaps there was even a gentlemen’s agreement between he and Flyers GM Paul Holmgren “Do this for the team now and come back for next year and we’ll be better for it with the players and draft picks we can steal from Nashville.”

2. Colorado – Joe Sakic has said that he is coming back and wouldn’t it be fitting for Peter to end his career with the Av’s and Joe? I think Denver still holds a soft spot for Peter and the fans would welcome him with open arms.

3. Sweden – There is part of me that believes that Peter will forgo the next year here in the states and instead play his final year of competitive hockey in his homeland. Coming back home as Sweden’s anointed one…you can see the film credits rolling as he wins a championship in his homeland.

4. Retires – There are many, including Preds GM David Poile, who think Forsberg has played his last game. In a press conference on Tuesday Polie said this in response to Forsbergs plans.

“If he said he was going to play, I don’t think he’d rule out Nashville, I think his experience was good here. I don’t think he’s thinking, ‘I’ll only play in Denver.’ … I think he’s thinking of not playing.”

5. He Pulls A Rocket
– But the most intriguing option is one that I have not seen anywhere else. Perhaps Foppa pulls a Rocket. Roger Clemens has for the past two seasons taken part (if not close to all) of the season off before coming back for a pennant push. Couldn’t Peter do the same? He could rest his foot, work out, stay in shape and make his decision shortly before the trade deadline. This way he could really take the time to see which teams could use him and pay him the most for his time served. Could you imagine the bidding war that would take place between teams making a push for the cup?

If I’m Nashville I keep a little cash reserved just in case. Peter played great for us and I would love to see him in the blue and gold one more time…this time taking a victory lap with the cup above his head, not finishing the game in the penalty box.

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