Predictions for the Semi’s

April 25, 2007

Predictions for the Conference Semi-finals:

Buffalo versus The Rangers: While I was impressed with the way the Rangers swept the Thrashers in round one I think they run into a wall here against Buffalo. I see Ryan Miller having a huge seires and really frustrating the Rangers. Look for Drury to continue to produce (let’s not forget the 18 points he put up in last years playoffs.) and for this tea, to really step it up. There is a lot to be said for coming close like they did last year…these boys are hungry and New York will not stop them. Should be a great series…Sabres in 6.

Ottawa versus New Jersey: This promises to be a great series. The way I see it is as a battle of a great goaltender against a potent offense. I believe that the Sens will just have too much for New Jersey. One thing you can expect is a disciplined series from both of these clubs. I expect all of these games to be close and low scoring…no 5-4 wide open games here. Senators in 6

Detroit versus San Jose:
Having just seen this San Jose team up close and personal here in Nashville I have to say they are playing great hockey. The problem is that Detroit can really get teams off of their plan and force them to play their game. I see this as one of those series that could go either way but if Nabokov plays like he did against the Preds I predict a San Jose win. Sharks in 7

Anaheim versus Vancouver:
Robert Luongo has been incredible so far this post season and the Canucks are finally getting the production from the twins that they bargained for when they took them in the draft years ago. The Ducks bring a potent offense and Selane continues to defy age and score goals. I love J.S Giguere in goal this post season for the Ducks too. All logic tell me that the Ducks will win but my gut says it will be Vancouver in 7.


One comment

  1. Well…Buffalo looked great but the Ducks made the Canucks look like a different team. I hope I didn’t curse Luongo by giving him props!

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