Preds Attendence Figures Better…

April 25, 2007

Early estimates had the Predators averaging 13,600 fans this past season but Tuesday the Predators announced that the average paid attendance was in fact 13,815. That puts the Preds much closer to the magic 14k paid figure that they need by 08-09 (a stipulation set in the last CBA)to take part in the revenue sharing. On the flip side it also still has them below 14k and that would allow them to set in motion a clause with the city that allows them to ask for assistance and potentially leave. (I posted about this in detail earlier HERE).

Here’s the deal…if the Preds still decide to activate this option in their agreement I think it will do irreparable damage from a public relations stand point. The momentum that the Preds have from three straight playoff appearances and an incredibly bright future would all be put in jeopardy to the average fan. They would see a team biding their time. Not a team committed to it’s city and fans the way the Predators have been since day one.

I implore you, Mr. Leipold, for the sake of hockey’s future in Nashville please do not activate this clause…you’ll be sorry if you do.

One comment

  1. This was good news to hear about the higher than expected attendance. Like you, I hope Mr. Leipold will not activate the clause to show some goodwill toward the City. Activating the clause might actually hurt attendance next year.

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