Difference Maker

April 26, 2007

So I am sitting here getting ready to watch game one of the Wings and Sharks and the Versus guys are talking about difference makers. They picked Lindstrom…pretty easy choice. He can make a huge difference with this puck contolling Wings team but I can’t help but think about the Sharks (their defeat of my Preds still fresh on my mind) and for me one guys face keeps coming back to me like a bad dream. That guy? Thornton? No. Cheechoo? No. Nabokov? No. For me it was #25 Mike Grier. Everytime I looked up he was there hitting, shooting and skating past my Preds.

Good luck Wings trying to stop him.



  1. Please tell me you are pulling for the Sharks over the hated Red Wings.

  2. Yes…I have the Sharks in 6 but it looks like it may not take long.

  3. I dont want to get too confident yet, but Griersy and the boys looked pretty solid tonight. Nabby looked good and I think he figured out his five hole problem.

  4. I agree…the Sharks did look solid. Nabokov was terrific. This was a better win for SJ than game one against Nashville…this was a statement game!

  5. If you knew how much those wind ding fans put down for those seats to see their hyped team get shut-out. Ahhhhhhh what a relief that is.

  6. And then they (Wings Fans) were leaving early in 2-0 game!

  7. Just curious why a bunch of your posts have Ekland as a tag?

  8. errr Eklund

  9. Bethany – I post many of these same articles on Hockeybuzz.com…which is Ek’s site.

  10. Ohhh ok.

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