Who Do I Love?

May 1, 2007


I love the NHL playoffs…I really do but I guess I’m a little preoccupied with the San Jose – Detroit series for a couple of reasons. The first being that San Jose just knocked us (the Preds) out in five games in round one. You get to know another team pretty well during a playoff series. I got to know, for better or worse, these Sharks really well during round one.

The other reason I am preoccupied is the fact that the team I grew up loving as a child, the Detroit Red Wings, are playing as well. In Nashville you will meet quite a few ‘Pred-Wing’ fans and for a while I was one of those. In the early days I would go to the games and cheer for both teams. I didn’t care who won I just wanted to see a good game.

Over time my love for the Wings began to fade as I saw the way fans of this team would act at the games here in Nashville. Sure some of these obnoxious people were born and raised red and white Wing fans but others were Predator fans every other game until Detroit came calling. At those games they would toss aside there blue and gold for the red and white and in turn really bother me. It saddened me because there are and were several players on the Wings that I enjoyed watching play as a fan. Federov, Yzerman, Lindstrom, McCarthy and yes even Chelios.

So I find myself a bit torn but I think I feel like I did back in the early days of this Predators franchise…just give me some good hockey. So far, in this series, I have not been disappointed. Let’s hope for a game seven triple overtime thriller!


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