Trotz and Company Safe

May 4, 2007

The Predators picked up the one year options today on the entire coaching staff of the Preds meaning that head coach Barry Trotz, assistants Brent Peterson, Peter Horachek and goaltending coach Mitch Korn will all be back with the club next season.

Preds GM David Poile had this to say about Trotz:

“Teams and ownership change coaches, and managers, for that matter way, way too much, and really for not a lot of supporting reasons to do it. I chose Barry Trotz. He was a young coach who had never coached in the National Hockey League. Now he’s second in seniority. …”

It really is quite an amazing story when you think about it. Trotz comes in having not ever coached higher than the AHL level and ten years later he is still with the club. I believed Trotz did a great job getting teams to play way above their talent level early on but wondered if he was a good playoff coach. I knew someone who worked at a high end tailor shop who said every time Barry walked out of their shop in the early days they wondered if they would ever see him again. Well I think they did and I’m sure he has bought a few more suits from them.

Overall I am pleased with this decision but I wonder if there should be some changes at the assistant level. Peter Horchek is responsible for our power play and this past year, to state it plainly, it way not good. Our PP in years past has been our bread and butter. Our personal has improved yet the numbers go down.

I do think, however, that Trotz and his staff are gone if the Preds once again fail to go deep into the playoffs.



  1. Very smart move by Poile. I’m surprised he didn’t give them a longer extension, though.

  2. He played it safe and smart. By not extending their contracts he leaves more money available for players this year knowing trotz and co. don’t want to play anywhere else next year so they have them practically monopolized for next year if they want to stay. It also adds needed pressure to perform in the playoffs. Good Call Poile

  3. All in all, I think this was the right move. It is hard to argue with the success we have enjoyed over the last couple of regular seasons. Hopefully Barry and company can get the guys to play more disciplined hockey and take fewer penalties. Maybe they should institute a policy of sitting players that commit too many penalties. Hopefully Barry can get them over the hump. He truly seems like a class act so we are very lucky in that regard. He is a good fit for the city of Nashville. I do agree with your assessment of Horachek. Our PP should have been much better this season. Maybe the emergence of Radulov could help next season. A lot will depend on our free agent situation I suppose.

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