My Wife Asked ‘Who Are You Rooting For?’

May 8, 2007


So…I guess I showed my true colors last night in the Sharks – Red Wings game. It was the moment (you’ll remember it) when Grier was pursuing Lindstrom and Hasek came out to play the puck. Hasek goes to play it off the boards and Grier intercepts it and goes for a sure thing wrap around just as Niklas “faster than a speeding bullet” Lindstrom comes sailing in and blocks what would have been the game tying goal. It was at that moment that years of frustration against the Wings swelled to a crescendo and I yelled “Yes!” as I thought Grier had tied the game.

My wife, ever so innocently, asked “who are you rooting for?” It was then, actually with some embarrassment, that I had to come clean. Not only to her but to myself. Yes. I was rooting for the Sharks. I was rooting against the team that I grew up loving. The team that I watched play really bad hockey as a young kid. I was rooting against the Red Wings.

Let me say this…when the Preds and Wings were locked in a battle for the central this year I was 110% all Preds…in the past after the Preds were eliminated I would normally root for the Wings but something has changed. What was it? I’m not sure but I think it has something to do with the fact that I am sick and tired of looking up at the Wings. Maybe next year we can knock them off their pedestal. Maybe next year…



  1. I would love to see your boys hoist the president’s trophy. I’m sick of looking up the Standings at the Wings and the Stars. Either way, another season ends in similar fashion… a loss that came too early.

  2. After the Sharks eliminated the Preds I was pulling for them to win it all. It would be the only way losing to them again could feel a little better. Now I am more angry than ever. I want anyone to win but the wings!

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