Pronger Gone For Game Four

May 16, 2007

Is there any reason that this kind of thing should happen? I think if you are a Pronger fan you can say that he is taller and Holmstrom had his head down a bit and Pronger just came in where he normally would.

However, I think, if you look at the video carefully and without bias you will find this was, without a doubt, a dirty hit. This hit didn’t happen three minutes into the game. This happened when the Ducks were already down 4-0. This was frustration. This was a forearm blow to the head that didn’t need to happen. If you watch the video I think you could even say that he left his feet a little bit. Pronger got almost what he deserved.

If I’m a teammate of Pronger’s I’m angry that his selfish play could en up costing this team big time…if they go out and lose game four without him people will point to this act. This was a guy who was not thinking about his team but thinking about how frustrated he was at the way the Wings and Holmstrom had schooled them so far that night.


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