There Is Hope!

May 24, 2007

This is from a fellow Predators fan…

Okay, hockey fans. I lost sleep last night over the fact that our (proposed) new owner will certainly have an interest in moving the team from Nashville. So, I called the NHL corporate offices, not expecting them to care of my concern. The operator connected me with someone in their Communications/PR section. I explained I am a passionate hockey fan in Nashville, a long-time season ticket holder, and that I would like to see the NHL do anything it can do to ensure that the team stays in Nashville-be it NOT approving the sale of the team OR in NOT approving a move.

Oddly enough, the man I spoke with said that when Mr. Balsillie proposed to buy the Penguins a year ago, they received countless calls from Pittsburgh fans urging the NHL and the Commissioner to ensure hockey would stay in Pittsburgh. They logged all the calls, and passed a summary of the calls along to the Commissioner. He said that the calls make a difference. On the off chance that the expression of passionate fans about the Nashville Predators might make a difference, would you please take a few minutes and call the NHL corporate offices to express your opinion? And please pass this request along to others.

The number is 212-789-2000

Thanks for your effort.

Okay guys…maybe we can make a difference. Let’s call this number and let them hear from us down here. Don’t think ‘someone else will call’ YOU need to call. Do it now!!!

Thanks to my Hockey Buddy Jason on the tip…now get to calling people!



  1. This is very helpful – I will do what I can to get the word out!

  2. I will call the NHL first thing in the morning. I will be so sad if they leave here. I am still not over Scott Walker leaving, the whole team would be terrible!!!

  3. I called myself and the guy said he is getting several calls from Preds fans and that they are logging them all. they frist go to the communication director and then on to Gary Bettman. They were very nice about it!

  4. All I can say is good luck on this guys. Seriously, do what they say; call. Write. Rally. Show your support for the team in every vocal, visible way you can. It’s how we got to keep the Pens, and it’s probably the only way you’re going to be able to keep the Predators.

    And never, ever, ever, ever, ever trust Balsillie. He’s a god damned vulture. If you get a chance to ninja kick him, do it. Do it hard.

  5. I’m calling, my dad is calling, and his work friend is too. I’m not sacrificing my only weeknight happiness (besides for Heroes on NBC) because of some canadian businessman. Ironically, its a small world because Rimm is my mutual fund’s top holding.

  6. Thanks for the props Joe! Wasn’t really expecting that, but that’s cool of you. I called today and left a message with the NHL PR department regarding my feelings in this whole situation. I also sent an e-mail to Mr. Bettman expressing my concerns as well. Everybody else need sto do this. As Joe said don’t expect everyone else to do make the call. YOU make the call. YOU e-mail. Now do it!!

  7. Hi, Jason what is Mr. Bettman’s email address

  8. Yeah Jason give us Mr. Bettman’s address so we can all do this!

  9. I used gbettman@nhl.com — got a canned response from the NHL PR department: “Nashville has a lease, they’re not going anywhere, etc”

    I don’t know if it makes any difference, but as someone who’s not in a position to buy Preds tickets, I did say in my message that if Balsillie is allowed to get his team in Hamilton in this way, I will not go pay to see them play when they come to Columbus. Figure that *might* have some impact on the BOG, if they fear that enough of their own fans would be pissed off about this and boycott X number of games per year.

    Of course, the corporate types who make up most of the revenue streams for most teams don’t care who the opponent is (hell, their seats are empty half the time anyway), so this is probably a limited strategy. But it’s worth a try. I intend to send the same message to the CBJ ownership.

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