Living In The Unknown

June 22, 2007

Life is better when you know things. Even if it’s bad…at least you know. When you are living in the unknown it can drive you crazy. Thats why, in the midst of the biggest news to strike this Predators franchise since it’s inception, I have been (for the most part) silent. Quiet.

For example in the past 48 hours rumors have swirled about a possible Vokoun trade, Bettman saying the deal is ‘far from done,’ Preds GM David Poile saying Kayria still wants to stay here, a group of local investors who are trying to make a run at the Preds, not to mention the ‘fire sale’ talk that grew after the Kimmo and Hartnell trade. You can easily see why one’s head might spin. Where do I start? What can I say?

Living in this unknown does make me know one thing for sure…tomorrow will bring with it a new batch of rumors. I will try to find a way to write on some of these things but know that my silience is not due to lack of interest but due to the lack of solid ground for me to stand on.

Go Preds! Ugh…even that was hard to type right now!

One comment

  1. Deal Off! Supposedly Kansas City is the new place we hate.

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