Zanon and Fiddler File

July 6, 2007

Two Predator players filed for salary arbitration yesterday when defensemen Greg Zanon and center Vernon Fiddler took that step.

This is how it works…if you are a restricted free agent you can, if you feel like you are not getting the money you think you deserve from your team, file for salary arbitration. This is where a third party comes in and looks at the situation and awards what they think is a fair price for the player. This in no way means that both of these guys are gone. The team and players will, in most cases, continue to negotiate up until the last minute. Everyone involved wants to avoid the process if possible…it’s just part of the dance more than anything.

In some case the arbiter will come back with a figure too high for the teams liking. In that case the team may choose to walk away meaning that this player is now an UFA and is free to sign with anyone. This is how the Preds got JP Dumont last year. There will be cases where this happens…I just hope it’s not with either of these guys.

Zanon and Fiddler are both great role players. They play with a ton of energy and both give you a consistent game. Zanon led the Preds in blocked shots last year and, in my opinion, is a key to our D next year. The Preds MUST resign this guy!

Fiddler is a huge energy guy who can play center and wing. I would not be totally bummed if we lost him but I hope that we can come to an agreement that keeps both of these guys in our locker room next year.


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