Preds Schedule Announced

July 11, 2007

The NHL just released the schedule for the 07-08 hockey season and at first glance it looks favorable for the Preds.

– Saturday Night Fever: The Preds have 14 Saturday home games. For a team trying to get butts in seats nothing is better than a Saturday home game.

– Never Far Away: The Preds have only tow long road trips…a five game swing in Late October that takes them to the Northwest before ending in Chicago and Detroit and a six game trip that starts February 27th that takes the team from Buffalo all the way to the NW again and then back to Detroit for the final game. All in all not a real punishing road schedule (Nashville’s central location in the states does help this though)

– Eight Great At The End: The NHL has scheduled the last eight games all against division rivals. That is GREAT! This is not a Preds thing…this is league wide. Hopefully this will lead to some great races for division titles at the end of the year. A great move by the NHL!



  1. I totally agree with everything you said her Joe. If I could just add a couple of highlights. The game against Florida on October 27th will be huge for Pred fans as this will be the return of Tomas Vokoun. I know Pred fans will be marking this one on their calendars so they can give Tomas a very grateful reception.

    Also the November 17th game against the Blues will be interesting as this will be Paul Kariya’s return to Nashville. Again I hope the fans, and I think they will, give PK a warm reception.

    The one thing I did not like about the schedule was the lack of the New Years Day game. This has become a tradition here in Nashville and it will be a little different on New Years Day without a Preds game.

    Other than that the schedule looks great. It is very favorable for us putting butts in the seats as you said and other than that it gets me more than excited about hockey season. It’s just around the corner. Now if we can just get this ownership thing figured out.

    Go Preds!!

  2. Great point on the return of TV and Pk…those both should be hot tickets (esp TV’s return).

  3. Great site! I no longer spend much time on the Tennessean’s blog pages that follow the Pred articles. Seems like all you get there is people trying to get attention with one outlandish/ugly comment after another. Nothing much useful or informative comes from these.

    That being said, I found your webpage today & will access it when looking for Pred info. The poor Tennessean never seems to know what to do with Pred-related info & is often scooped by the national sites (an indication of where the Preds are on the Tennessean radar relative to other sports stories).

    I hope more people truly interested in keeping the Preds in Nashville find this site. If they do, it’ll be a positive step toward keeping the Preds here.

  4. Stevo – thanks for the kind words! Come back often and feel free to drop any news I might have missed!

  5. […] PredJoe has the scoop. […]

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