Pred Rally A Success…

July 19, 2007

As of this writing over 600 new FSTE’s have been sold today alone! While that number may not seem huge to those in other areas of the country you have to keep in mind that these are in addition to the tickets that have already been sold (35% ahead of last years total at this same time). While no announcement was made of a letter of intent being signed by Leipold and the Local Group it was still a positive day.

Was a message sent to Canada? Actually I doubt it. They are of a different mindset and breed. These people believe that Nashville is a joke of a hockey market and will be until we sell out every game. The Canadians seem to forget that not too long ago teams in Calgary and Edmonton were struggling to fill seats. Nashville is a ten year old hockey market and it ‘s been a tough sale…but this day should show that Nashville wants to see hockey succeed. 7500 fans showed for the big rally…that my friends is what we call a statement!



  1. It’s over 700 now!

  2. WOW…….7,500 people and 700 tickets sold. That is sad. So, you still need what, 6,000 tickets per game to reach 14,000 PAID??? Good luck with that. And all of this doesnt mean anything by buying upper level seats, you need to buy the expensive seats to make an impact. And you know who buys those and teh suites and marketing signage? The corporations who still are not doing anything.

  3. Question: Is this 700 number counting 13 game packs or only full season tickets? Is it like 3 13 game packs equal 1 FST or what? Thanks

  4. Steve you are an idiot. Most of the people there yesterday were probably already FSTH like myself. That was the kick off event for the tickets sales over the next two months. The total is up over 800 now and that is just the start. 800 season tickets in one day is tremendous. Ticket people from around the NHL said that is a month and half worth of sales in one freaking day. So lay off. I just don’t get people hating on fans of the sport. You would think the fans of the sport would bond together and support the NHL. It’s no wonder the NHL is in shambles because the fans can’t even bond together to help each other out. It is not Nashville’s fault there are not more teams in Canada. I for one believe there should be more teams in Cananda but not at the expense of a team in the states.

    On a happier note. EK is reporting Foppa may be coming back to Nashville. Not sure what I think about this but I would love to see him play here. Just having him around makes you a better team. Plus I never get tired of watching future hockey hall of famers play the game. He was absolutly amazing last year for us. Does he fit in on this team? That’s up for debate, but if you have the chance to bring him back I think you have to. If for no other reason so the other teams you play against don’t have him.

    I also like the new uni’s. I can not wait to get my white jersey. Is that a home jersey or away this year? I have heard mixed reports on that. Can anyone confirm?

  5. The blue is going to be home, though I think the white looks better. I really like the NASHVILLE written above the logo. AH, Im torn which should I get??

  6. […] Anyone can tell you how many people showed up and what the action looked like.  Only PredJoe can tell you what it all means. […]

  7. Pred’s have a fabulous Hockey Organization…it will be successful, and, entertaining. As a life long Red Wing fan…when Detroit “sucked” you could shoot off a cannon inside the rink and not hit anyone. When you have a terrible team, people won’t come….give them something to get excited about, and the fans will be there. Proof…. the Detroit Tigers..two (2) years ago the worst teaM IN BASEBALL….TODAY…SELLING OUT every game. Can’t buy a ticket now….scalpers only.

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