A Nice Dream Part Duex…and Game Day!

September 20, 2007

David Legwand is looking to improve on last years career highs in goals and points.

Last night on the eve of Nashville’s first pre-season home game I had a dream that the Preds raised the Stanley Cup at the Sommet Center in front of a packed house for the first time in Preds history. I remember the dream so vividly because it was almost like every time that cup was raised it was a big smack in the face to all the nay sayers out there both in Nashville and around the world. In my dream I remember telling people around me that at the beginning of the year I predicted that this team would be better than everyone thought and that now there was proof in the pudding that hockey definitely belonged in Nashville.

Dreams are what they are but looking back throughout history dreams have played major rolls in peoples lives. Kings would have dreams interpreted to see what they meant or what they should do regarding a situation. Does this dream have that kind of meaning? Probably not. It’s probably just an excited hockey fan dreaming big on the eve of what is arguably the most import season in this young franchises history.

Tonight the Nashville Predators and the Atlanta Thrashers go to battle in Nashville’s second preseason game and Atlanta’s third. Nashville is 1-0 and Atlanta is 2-0. I always have mixed feelings about pre-season games. I’m excited to go and can’t wait to see hockey, especially after this tumultuous off season. And there is always the opportunity to see what you hope is the future of your team. In some cases you see some great hockey due to the fact people are fighting for a roster spot and playing for passion and their career. But in most cases you don’t really get a good look at your team due to the fact the stars of your team don’t play or if they do it is very little. None the less its hockey and it’s exciting. Game time is 7:08. Hope to see you all at the rink.

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