Preds Take First Loss

October 11, 2007

Sometimes it just isn’t your night. That was the case last night as the Predators suffered their first loss of the year at the hands of the division rival St. Louis Blues 4-1. From the start the Preds seemed to be playing the part of the Washington Generals to the Globetrotting Blues.

They let them get up early, on a pretty goal from Brad Boyes started by Paul Kariya. Took ill-timed penalties (and there were some phantom calls last night…I hate to sound like a homer but the goalie interference call against Dumont was ridiculous.). Were outshot (32-20) for the third time this season. On top of all this they were the opposing team for the home opener…not an easy task regardless of where you play!

Here’s what concerns me and I feel it was the an issue with past Predator teams as well and that is getting outshot nearly every game. While we are only three games into the season there is an ugly pattern developing. The Preds have been out shot in each game by a total of 96-74. If you average that out over a season (7.33 SPG over an 82 game season) the Preds will surrender 601 more shots than they take. Yes you read that right….601 shots! That, my hockey loving, bbq nacho eating friends is not the secret to success.

(A friend told me that he liked the ‘Crotch Bangs’ that I gave out in my last post so I thought I would keep that up…at least until I get tired with it)

Paul Kariya crotch banged the Predators putting up two assists against the team that couldn’t afford him. PK is a class act. Please Pred fans…don’t boo this future hall of famer when he comes back to Nashville.

Dan Ellis crotch banged a great relief appearance for Chris Mason who was pulled after giving up four on eighteen shots. Ellis did what he did…played inspired hockey and did not make the hole deeper for his team. On a side not I think Mason actually played well…some of those shots could not be stopped and it did appear he was interfered with on the fourth goal.

That’s it for this morning…Preds and Coyotes tonight at the Sommet Center…Go Preds!!!



  1. Mason was left hung out to dry last night. I thought he played well overall, but the rest of the team was lethargic (except for Hordy, what a way to man-up!).

    BTW, Luongo let in 4 on 13 last night against the Flyers and got pulled in the first. It happens to the best of ’em. Mase will bounce back tonight.

    I predict a diffent team, a different attitude, and a shutout WIN!

  2. Hey Coldpucker – you are right on the money with that. I don’t fault Mason on the goals last night and I think Trotz taking him out was as much about saving him for tonight as anything. I also think he hoped a change might spark that team but that didn’t really work.

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