Yup…Another Loss

October 21, 2007

I feel like an auctioneer…’we have four. Do I hear five? Five – thank you team in teal. Do I have six?’

Seriously…what do we have to do to get a win around this place? The Preds played a great game last night. Mason was as solid as I’ve seen him since game two and the team was really keeping pace with the Sharks. We just ran into another goalie playing out of his mind…Nabokov played great last night. He kept the Preds scoreless and frustrated for 60 minutes of wide open hockey.

This is not a case of the Preds losing the game but just the other team having a goalie who had ‘one of those nights.’

Let’s hope the streak ends at five when the Preds visit the Kings on Tuesday.

[b]Crotch Bang[/b] to Scott Nichol who took a stupid delay of game penalty that led to a 5-3 power play goal for the Sharks and put them up for good 1-0. Nichol is one of the most frustrating players on our team. He plays with energy but he fails, so often, to harness it. This is not the first time he has cost us and I doubt it will be the last. When Sullivan is healthy I hope we see Nicol sit down a bit more…or maybe pawn his ill-timed penalties off on someone else!



  1. I know we haven’t had him long but de vries is killing us. It seemed like over half of the penaltys were called on him. We need to finish our chances and CRASH THE NET!!!

  2. You are right about crashing the net…we need to create some havoc in front of the other goalie!

    On de Vries I disagree…he took a couple penalties the other night but he is solid. He good with the puck and by years end I think you will be singing his praises.

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