Must Win?

November 1, 2007

While it’s early in the season to declare any game a must win I am going out on a limb and saying that tonight’s game against the Canucks is a must win. The Preds have got to win this game, if for no other reason, to prove to themselves and others that they can win on the road.

As a Preds fan you know how bad it is. 0-5 on the road…can’t buy a goal to save ourselves…it’s been ugly. Somehow, someway the Preds have got to get it turned around tonight.

Just as luck would have it the Preds face a very hungry team tonight in the Vancouver Canucks. This is a team looking for answers itself starting the year 1-5 at home. While some look at the Preds and blame the summer sell off of top talent as the reason for the demise (there is truth in that to a degree but I don’t buy it all!) the Canucks are still a pretty stacked team that is not finding it’s groove yet. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen tonight.

Game plan:

The Preds need to stay out of the box. We are killing ourselves with penalties and poor penalty killing. The boys have got to be smart.

Ellis needs to start. I love Chris Mason but right now he is playing downright bad…real bad. Danny Boy need to start. The D plays better for him and he is seeing the puck much better. The Orangeville Ontario native has a 1.88 GAA and .929% save percentage. He is our best chance for a win.

Another Investor:
The Preds announced yet another Southern California investor added to the mix today. Warren Woo, a Los Angeles-based investment banker who was previously a high-ranking executive for UBS Investment Bank. Woo was brought into the group by William “Boots” Del Biaggio III who also brought in another Californian Paul Bergeron, the CEO of VeriFone, an electronic payment technology company. This is crazy! These are not investors adding to the value of the group only ‘diluting’ Boot’s share that he is putting in.
I am not sure what to think about all this to be honest. I just want the freakin deal done so we don’t even have to talk about this for a while!


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