Preds Rolling

November 11, 2007

Wins in six out of their last eight games.

Points in seven of their last eight.

Yes it is time to recognize that the Predators are back. Last nights 4-3 shootout win is proof of that. Sure the Preds gave up a two goal lead but they were able to come away with two points. Following the game their was frustration in the locker room over the fact that they let the Blue Jackets back in the game. The Preds have turned a corner and right now I owe it to one player…Dan Ellis.

Ellis came in when Mason was stinking up the place and gave us four wins in four starts and two shutouts. He proved to this team that we can win and showed Mason that he better get out of his funk or he would be riding the bench as number two again. Since that time Mason has come out of his funk and played good and now seems to be playing great.

Things I liked about last night:

2-9 on the power play
…nice to see that it’s working again. Would like to see them shoot a bit more (take a page from Detroit’s book. Shoot it often and from any angle!)

Tootoo getting on the score sheet
for more than a fighting major. Toots got a goal in Chicago (tow games ago) and one here last night. The coaching staff wants to see Tootoo more involved in scoring and it appears that he may be giving them what they want. Seriously…if he can score 20 goals he becomes a dangerous weapon.

Mason looking like Mason.
I know I mentioned it before but Mason looked great last night and with a little help from the post got the shootout win. Nice to see him rebound in the shootout like that.

What I didn’t like was the amount of shots that the Preds gave up last night and continue to each night. This is something I harped on all last season (and during our first two games this year) and it’s happening again this year. We cannot continue to be out shot by large margins and expect to win in this league. The shooters are too good and the other goalies are too. Something has to give here.

Looking forward to tomorrow night in Columbus for the back side of this home and home.


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