November 16, 2007

Fortitude: mental and emotional strength in facing difficulty, adversity, danger, or temptation courageously.

That is exactly what the Preds showed last night. After a solid first period that found the Preds leading 1-0, the Preds were out played by the Blackhawks in the second. While some may say that this was a horribly played period by the Preds (I do agree there), I think you must give credit to Dennis Savard and the Blackhawks. They came out and owned us in the second and scored three unanswered goals. Sure we got away from our system but it was the play of Chicago that forced that.

The third was another story where the Preds scored three unanswered goals only to see it tied up in the last minute of regulation. They Preds were getting traffic, getting to the rebounds and limiting Chicago’s chances. This was a pretty 20 minutes of hockey for the Preds.

Today Chicago fans will be saying how they should have won. Blew a two goal lead…hit the post several times…all those things are correct but I can remember countless times when the Preds couldn’t seem to buy a goal and I would hear the shot off the post in my sleep. These games happen. One thing Chicago fans have to remember is that winning is not something the Blackhawks are entirely used to yet. Please don’t take this as a slam but I remember a few seasons back when the Preds were starting to turn the corner (like Chicago is now) and we would lose games because we couldn’t close them. Now…we win games that, in all practicality, we should have lost.

The Central sure is going to be fun this year!

Great play last night from Radulov, Arnott and the hard working Bonk.

Next Up: The return of Paul Kariya and the St. Louis Blues.


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