Freeman Speaks

November 16, 2007

(Updated 4:17 CST) Looks like the Deal that the Investors have accepted was the ‘final offer’ that the Mayor proposed.

Freeman just said on 104.5 The Zone that the team is “virtually guaranteed to be in Nashville for the next five years.”

Freeman said they are not coming in with solutions with how to market the team better. They are just a group of people to trying to keep the team here. Not sure that gets me excited. I am hopeful that they really take a hard look at the way this team has been marketed in the past.

On improving the team Freeman said that he does not have a “blank check” to make all the improvements that the team needs. Selling tickets is the main source of revenue that will drive the direction of this team.

There is no time line from Freeman on how quickly the proposed deal will be finalized. They are looking to get approval from both the City Council and Sports Council (locally) as well as the Board of Governors. It sounds like they are moving as quickly as possible to get everything done.

This is great news for Preds fans…I love the fact that it looks like we have five more years to really make this a hockey market. I truly believe that we will.


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