November 17, 2007

I hate to write blogs based on ‘ifs’ but this one was too good to pass up.

(not the use of bold to emphasize how this is not happening) the NHL season were to end today (it would be crazy for it to since we haven’t even hit the quarter pole yet) the Central Division would boast FOUR (note bold use again…this time to emphasize how crazy this statement is) playoff teams. Take a look at the seeding.

1. Detroit
2. San Jose
3. Colorado
4. Minnesota
5. Nashville
6. Chicago
7. Columbus
8. Anaheim

While these are early results it does point to one thing that I have been harping on over the past few weeks…the Central is one tough place to play hockey. Gone are the days that the Preds could beat up on the Blues, Blackhawks and Blue Jackets…these teams are too good. We will not win all eight tilts against the Blues like we did last year (in fact we lost our first contest during our six game slide) nor will we control the Hawks or our rival in Columbus.

This makes this year, for me as a Preds fan, not only more exciting but better for our team. I think it will make us a better team come playoff time having to play night in and night out against what could end up being the best division in hockey this year. Yes I know it’s early and there are some teams on the outside of that top eight right now who may find there way in but don’t be surprised come April when you find three Central teams in the playoffs.

And yes…like it or not Nashville will be one of them.

Big Game Tonight: Another Central game and the return of Paul Kariya as the St. Louis Blues skate into Nashville. I hope that the fans treat him with the respect he deserves. I can’t blame him for wanting to make six million a year from the Blues. Nashville owes Paul a debt of gratitude as he was the first marquee player to come to Nashville as a free agent.


  1. This should be a great environment. Given the news of the day about the Mayor and local owners group finally reaching deal, I imagine the Sommet Center will be rocking.

    St. Louis is coming off a nice win against Columbus on Friday Night. So given the back to back nature of games, I got a feeling we’ll likely see Hannu Toivonen in goal on Saturday.

    It’ll be nice to see Paulie back.

  2. Agreed GT – as I said in the post I really hope the fans treat him with respect tonight.

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