Tuesday Trivia – (No Cheating!)

November 27, 2007

Two quick questions. I don’t have a prize but for fun let’s pretend that the person who gets them both right the fastest gets season tickets for life to the NHL team of their choice! (for the sake of competition don’t go running to TSN or NHL.com to get the answer!)

What team leads the NHL in goals?

What team has allowed the fewest goals?

(Insert Jeopardy music here)


(note: these are for all games through November 26th…not all teams have played the same amount of games. Just looking for the leading teams regardless of games played…was that a hint? Who knows!)


  1. Carolina has 80 goals for
    St Louis has 46 goals against

    St Louis is a little surprising, but Carolina isn’t a total shock to me.

  2. Ding Ding Ding! You are the winner…St.Louis does lead that but has the Rangers have played three more games and have only allowed 47. St. Louis is a HUGE surprise there!

    I am even a little surprised with Carolina…if they can get some decent goaltending they will even be tougher to beat than they are now.

    Conragts on your win Paul…to what team would you like your “lifetime season tickets” to? (the check is in the mail!)

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