Hey Dan…

November 29, 2007

(Not an actual OnStar call)

    Barry Trotz

: “Hey Dan…listen i know it’s been weeks since you’ve started for us and you may be a bit rusty but I’d like to give you the nod to start tonight in Ottawa against the Senators. I don’t know if you know this or not but the Sens are one of the best teams in hockey. They’ve actually lost four in a row so they are probably pretty ticked right now and looking to get out of their funk so I hope you’re ready.”

    Dan Ellis

: “Okay.” (oh…crap)

I know being a back up is about being ready to play at a moments notice and nobody expected Ellis to have as many starts as he does now or the stats he does but this is going to be a tough start for Ellis. This Sens team is going to come out flying and throwing everything they’ve got at us to try to end their four game slide. Ellis will be tested and tested often.

What I do like about this start though is that early in the year the Preds seemed to play a little tighter D when Ellis was in net. This might be exactly what Trotz is thinking. Give Ellis the start and make the guys on D think a bit more than they have been with Chris Mason back there. The truth is Ellis needed to get some work and this might be the perfect night for it.

Preds Sale Update: The sale of the Preds is on the official agenda of the BOG meeting in Pebble Beach today. The meeting will start around 5:30 central and the Preds are rumored to be one of the first items on the agenda. Let’s hope this formality doesn’t turn into anything else!

Shea Weber:
After reading my post yesterday a friend asked me ‘you really like this Shea Weber guy huh?’ I couldn’t contain myself as I gushed about how good he is and how great I think he will be. At our office we sometimes joke about having ‘man crushes’ on people. It’s early but I may be developing a man crush on Shea Weber! Don’t worry Julie you are still my number one!


  1. Seriously no thanks to the NHL schedule makers this year. Both a Western and Eastern Canada road trip within the first 25 games?

    It looks like Gerber made the most of Emery’s injury and has supplanted the guy as the #1 goaltender in Ottawa? Is that true? I saw Emery got the start last night so I expect to see Martin tonight. Kinda shocked to see Emery backing someone up. I really thought he was one of the best last season. Tough to lose your spot due to an injury.

  2. Emery has totally lost it…he has been horrible and there is grumbling up there that he may be on his way out. Emery’s work ethic is being questioned (last one on the ice first one off etc) and he is not making it post to post like he used to. Gerber is the #1 guy right now and I don’t think he is going to give it up.

    You are right that we do have these two big swings (east and west) but we also are VERY light on the back to back games. The Preds last played on Saturday and then play again Saturday and Tuesday (Montreal and Toronto respectably)so there is plenty of rest built in there. The Preds have played one set of back to backs (Oct 10-11 the first of our six loses in a row) and don’t do it again until December 18 and 19. I actually think our schedule was pretty good this year.

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