Oh My..What A Comeback!

December 2, 2007

Okay…just finished watching this on DVR and all I can say is wow! Down 4-1 with less than ten minutes to play and the Preds come back to win in 5-4 in a shootout! Don’t have a ton of time right now but some quick thoughts…

Work finally paid off for Jed Ortmeyer
. Not only did he have a ton of chances tonight but he has been playing hard all year for us. I have yet to notice him taking a shift off.

Once again Dan Ellis
did what any good back up is supposed to do. He gave his team a chance to win. Mason was yanked in the first and Ellis played the rest of the way only giving up two and going to 7-0 as an NHL starter (six with the Preds). Not bad stats…I wonder what the record for consecutive wins to start a career is?

I doubted Trotz when I saw Radek Bonk come out for the first shootout attempt. Bonk is a workhorse in my book not the guy who is going to take goalie out of his skates on a breakaway. He took it five hole and got the goal…so glad I was wrong for doubting!

Martin Erat continues to perform at a high level the game winner and just a solid game by him overall tonight.

Jason Arnott is showing why he was the perfect choice as our captain. Even being down 3-0 he kept playing hard and chippy. I love that type of play from him. He is leading by example.

What a game!!!



  1. What a game is right. Our guys are playing some exciting hockey at times right now. I just hope we don’t make it a habit of spotting the opposing team 3 goals.

    I myself thought it was a great move to give Bonk the call in the shootout. Due to his time playing in Montreal, he had plenty of looks at Huet to know how to beat him.

  2. I watched this on DVR, too, and it was a great comeback. Because the Preds were dominating the stats but not the scoreboard, I had a feeling that they would make this interesting in the third. This was a great win.

  3. Great game last night…. have a personal affinity for the Habs, but it was great to see them get taken down by our Preds! The answer to your trivia question – Patrick Lalime started his career with the Pens in ’96 by going 14-0-2…

  4. Darrell – great point about Bonk knowing Huet (or as he pronounced in a post game interview Huey)…that can make a big difference. It can also be an advantage to the goalie too.

    Jeremy- Thanks for the help on the record. Would be nice to see Ellis break that one!

  5. My brother and I never changed the station. I had some deep down feeling that we were going to win the game. Even after the Hab’s 3rd goal, we looked at each other and were like it doesn’t matter. It was really weird. I hope I can have that feeling 58 more times. 🙂

  6. Oh, also Nichol needs anger management and Arnott (probably does too) cracked me up and really woke the team up and showed that he thought we could win this. Just what a captain should do.

  7. anyone know if ellis is starting the whole week?

  8. My gut is that Trotz goes back to Ellis Tuesday night. Trotz mentioned that Mason and Ellis were both battling sickness and seemed to use that as an excuse for Mason’s play on Saturday.

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