Ellis To Start Tonight…Happy Birthday To Me

December 6, 2007

So…today is my birthday. Today I turned 35 and I’m a bit depressed. 35 sounds really old. I don’t feel old but I am old. No one around me calls me old but I see the way they look at me. What does this have to do with hockey? Not a darn thing but I wanted you to understand my mental state for my blog today.

I was in the Cool Springs area today at a big box retailer when I spotted Predators goalie Chris Mason heading out the door. I quickly made a b-line for him.

PJ: Chris! (Chris slowly turns back around) Hey Chris (I said extending my hand), I typically don’t chase after people and stalk celebrities but I couldn’t pass this one up. I am huge Pred fan. I even have a blog Predjoe.

: So is Joe your name?

PJ: Yes it it.

CM: Well it’s great to meet you Joe.

PJ: So are you starting tonight?

: No, they are going with Danny tonight. I guess you have to go with the hot hand. I got to get back on the horse.

(what do you say to that? Seriously…I was abit taken aback by that. Here is the Preds #1 goalie saying he needs to get better…get out of his slump)

PJ: It’s tough as a fan to see players that you like go through stretches like this but I guess thats part of it.

: Yeah it its but I’ll be back.

: I won’t keep you any longer. I just wanted to tell you what a big fan I was and to wish you luck.

CM: Thanks it was great meeting you Joe.

Chris Mason is as down to earth as they come. I had just read a great feature on NHL.com today about Mason and his road to being a number one netminder. That article made me like him more than I did before (seeing the human side etc). Talking to him today took that up a notch. He is a class act.

I must tell you though I don’t know what to think about his ‘get back on the horse statement.’ It sounds to me like he knows his game is in trouble and I don’t like that. There is no position in hockey more mental than that of goalie and I want my goalie to be ultra confident. I don’t want him thinking about getting back on the horse…I want him to picture himself riding high on top.

I’ll admit that I have called Chris out on this blog before when he was not playing up to his ability and I’ll do it again if I have to but the fact remains that he is our number one. Get back on that horse Chris!

Tonight: Preds are back home against a pretty hot Vancouver team. The Canucks won 3-2 last night in Chicago and have been riding the goaltending of Roberto Luongo.

Get down there tonight and support the boys!



  1. I will be there tonight Joe. Thanks for the breaking news on who is starting tonight.

    P.S. – Welcome to the 35 club. I joined back in February. I would like to tell you that it is no big deal but I have been feeling my age this year.

  2. That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing. I personally would rather have a goalie know that he isn’t playing up to par than have one constantly blaming the team in front of him because he has a golden image of himself “riding high on top”.

    If he’s constantly walking around thinking “man i suck”…no, that is not good. But i think having any player be able to honestly evaluate his playing with a level head is a good and rare thing.

  3. That’s awesome! Chris Mason sounds like a pretty good guy, not a bad goalie either 😉

  4. happy belated birthday

  5. Happy Birthday (belated), you must have posted late, because I was here yesterday.

    Last night was kind of a bummer for the preds, Were you able to watch…

    Would it have been any different with Mason in ?

  6. Something is wrong with your clock settings, that last comment went in at 1:23 EST.

  7. I think the server clock is on GMT, not CST or EST.

  8. […] to the St. Louis Blues. This is a good deal for the Preds…while I am a bit sad to see Mason (I’ll never forget our meeting Chris!)leave he really seemed to lose a step last year. Not sure what it was but he did not look like a […]

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