Dan Ellis On The Block?

February 15, 2008

A source has told me that Dan Ellis fully expects to be traded and that the Preds would not be getting a goalie in return but would bring up prospect Pekka Rinne to back up Chris Mason.

Another source close to the team said that this idea did seem feasible because they’ve heard that the Preds are eager to get Pekka up to the show.

Not sure who the dance partner would be but you have to assume that it’s a team looking for a solid back and maybe even someone who can shoulder the load full time. I wonder if Atlanta or Tampa Bay could be interested…the goalie situations in both cities leave much to be desired.

If the Preds are confident in Pekka I can see why they would do this. Ellis has impressed this season posting a 13-5-2 record with a 2.31 GAA and .921 SV%…these numbers have not gone unnoticed to the rest of the league. The Preds only signed him to a one year deal and he will be expecting to get a nice raise over the 500k he is earning this year.

I, for one, would be terribly upset to see Ellis go. I think he has a bright future in this league and I wish we could see him develop into that night in and night out go to guy.

What are your thoughts? Do you like this move? Let me hear your opinions on this.

I will let you know if I hear any further developments on this front.



  1. I would hate to see him go as well. I’m with you on thinking he will develop into a solid goalie in the league and with Mason being shaky at times I’d rather see Rinne get traded than Ellis. As much sense as it makes I would miss the kid. Whenever they do the call to the bench and talk to Ellis during a game his attitude is great. If he leaves I’ll be sad to see him go however if we get something good in return, ie. something to fill the Sullivan void, it could be well worth it.

  2. To me,it would be a complete tragedy to see him go.Personaly, i would prefer Ellis being the #1 goaltender,rather than Mason,and Seth is right, Ellie has a great positive attitude when he gets those interviews frrom the bench.I think that Ellis is more stable than Mason,because when Ellis is called up to do the job,he gets it done the way it should be,but im not saying that Mason isn’t good,because he is a very good goaltender,but i would just prefer Ellis.I hope he gets the chance to develope into a solid goalie,because one day,he will be one of the best goalies in the nhl

  3. As I think about it more maybe a Ellis, Gelinas for Hossa trade could be plausible. Thrashers need a #2 if not a #1 goalie. Throw Gelinas in for good measure. Bring Hossa in as that top 6 forward we need and bring up Rinne to back Mason. Poile has said he doesn’t want a “rental” player so if Hossa would commit to a trade with a contract extension, this could be a nice rumor.

  4. I wish you were the GM in Atlanta Seth…I think Hossa will cost much more than that. With the recent news that Forsberg is more than likely not coming back this year the price for Hossa just went up.

    I’ve added your blog to my blogroll btw.

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