No Deal Howie

February 27, 2008

While I have been a big fan of David Poile in the past and, truth be told, will continue to be in the future I felt yesterdays moves (if you want to use that strong of a word to describe them) were wasted and not even needed.

The Preds went into the day looking, like many other teams, for a top six forward. What they ended up with, in my opinion, are two role players. While some will say that these players were needed to fill the spots vacated due to injuries of Martin Gelinas and Jed Ortmyer I would argue that these two additions are no better than what we could have brought up from Milwaukee.

Instead of bringing up farmhands to help out in a time of need we spend a draft pick and future considerations on these guys. I would much rather see the passion of a young player like Peverly, Cal O’Reilly or Antti Pihlstrom who would be playing to try and impress the coaches at the next level. It would be their chance to shine.

Chances are that Brandon Bochenski and Jan Hlavac are not part of our long term plans. Yes I know we needed a left handed shot (Pihlstrom, Peverly and Cal all have that in Milwaukee) but I still think that yesterday was a waste.

I talked to a season ticket holder who yesterday told me that they were angry over the lack of dealing done by the Preds. I have to agree. There was no excitement. Nothing to get Pred fans or non traditional fans fired up.

Perhaps Poile and ownership don’t see this team as a real contender and didn’t want to get involved in the bidding wars for a true top six forward. I trust Poile to not to mortgage our future for the sake of taking a chance at making the playoffs. I have said in the past that I think it is vital for this organization to make the playoffs and to bring in a marquee player. We did not do anything that gets us closer to either of these goals yesterday.

We better have one heck of an off-season in the free agent market.


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