‘We Need 94 Points’

March 14, 2008

That quote is from the Predators Head Coach Barry Trotz. 94 points has been his prediction for the past two weeks of the number it will take to make the playoffs in the West. That has been the number ingrained into all the Predator players as they make their push. 94 points. 94 points. 94 points.

Let me throw out why I think this type of talk is a problem. Trotz has used the 94 point mark as the benchmark…as the total he thinks the #8 team will have. Why aim for that? That is like a golfer going into a tournament saying ‘I think the cut is going to be -3. I have to get to three under.’ No! You need to get to -7 to make sure you aren’t squeaking by.

This philosophy, I believe, has back fired in a major way. For the past three weeks or so the Preds have been looking at the number eight spot as the Holy Grail instead of looking past that and aiming higher. We all know the old quote ‘It’s better to aim and the stars and fail than to aim at the gutter and succeed.’

While I don’t think the Preds were aiming for the gutter they certainly were not aiming for the stars. While I know that all the players are ‘big boys’ and that they can think for themselves it is still the coach who sets the tone and the goals for the team. Trotz has failed miserably in doing this. He has let him team and his fans down but being so shortsighted in his leadership. Perhaps we are seeing why this team has never made it past the first round. (Yes I know the Preds have been facing injuries etc…but every team has excuses. You have to get past that at some point and just play hockey!)

Were they trying to be realistic? Perhaps but faced with what should of been two points last night the Preds failed. Big time. No need to worry though…we only need 94 points so we only need to win 8 of the last 10. No big deal.



  1. If i recall, Trotz gave the 94 number in response to a question from a reporter in a press conference. He said it again only when asked if he still believes the number will be the cutoff. I think it is smart that the coaching staff is thinking through strategically enough to know what the lay of the playoff land is (and will be).

    But i doubt very seriously he’s harping on “94” in practice all the time. Even if he was, they aren’t at 94. I could see there being an issue if they got to 94 and there was a drop-off in play, but I think the team is a long way from that.

    If Trotz really is preaching “94” in meetings and practice then yes, he has a problem. But i don’t we should assume that the things he says in press conferences are the only things he goes over in practice, or that he even mentions all of those things to the players. I certainly hope not anyway.

  2. your point is well taken…but it is obvious to me that Trotz has a hard time getting any edition of his Preds ‘over the hump.’ I wonder if failure to make the playoffs will be the end of the Trotzy Years here in Nashville.

    thanks for stopping by Paul…I always appreciate your input!

  3. Interesting site about points. I think it may be 92.

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