Not Hungry Enough

March 19, 2008


Needing two points to keep their playoff hopes alive the Predators came up against a team that was just more hungry than they were. The Washington Capitals looked like a desperate team playing in desperate times and wanting desperately to get two points closer to the post season (did I use the word desperate enough in that sentence? ). The Preds on the other hand played the first period like they just came from a team meeting at Golden Corral Buffet!

Missing was the sharp play from Dan Ellis. Missing was the spirited physical play that helps us set the tone. Missing was the heart and soul of this team. Where was it when the puck was dropped last night.

A fellow Pred fan asked me yesterday, prior to the game, if I thought the Preds were going to make the playoffs. As much as I wanted to say yes I really think that this team is not prepared and won’t make the playoffs. Sure they can play those games and beat the Wings on the road and look like world beaters but then they can lay an egg against the Kings at home. This team is missing consistency and not just from one part of the game. From goaltending to defense to coaching this team is never the same twice.

Fellow Pred fans…the fat lady has not begun to sing yet but she is standing in the wings warming up. If the Preds don’t find some consistency quickly it looks like we will be watching the Av’s and Canucks in a spot that easily could have been ours.


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