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No Bigger Than This

April 20, 2008

Games don’t get bigger than this. Win or go home…it will be written countless times about this game so why not one more here too! The Predators face the Red Wings in game 6 of the eastern conference quarterfinals today at 2pm CST…the Wings lead the best of seven series 3-2.

Getting Caught Up: Sorry I did not have a chance to post reactions to game 5 yet. Sometimes life with two daughters (ages 2 and seven weeks) just happens and blogging takes a backseat. I have been so out of it that I have no had a chance to check and see what others have said so I am sure this will not be ‘breaking news’ to anyone. Some reactions…

Not having Legwand and Arnott seemed to kill us before the game even started. It seemed to kill the teams will before the puck even dropped. There was very little positive play from the Preds especially in the first two periods.

Dan Ellis was unreal! Seriously he was the ONLY reason we were in this at the end. Shot after shot he was there with the big save. Sometimes impressive…sometimes routine but either way he was there. It’s sad to think that Ellis probably doesn’t figure into the Preds future plans.

I don’t want to say
it was all our fault that we lost game five because it’s not. The Wings played a great game. They were solid at both ends of the ice and Osgood gave them what they needed in net. Yes the game ended on a sloppy neutral zone turnover by us but the fact remains that the Wings executed far better than we did.

Did anyone else find it odd
that Arnott had ‘the flu’ the other night? Flu season is pretty much over down here. My guess is that it’s something else. I wouldn’t be surprised if Arnott was suffering some back or shoulder problems from the slam Radulov gave him after his goal in game three. this smells of post season trickery if you ask me.

Game Six: This is a little sad to me. Life is happening once again and I will miss my first ever Predators playoff game today (I have been at every other home playoff game). I am bummed but thank goodness for DVR.

I have not read any updates
yet but hopefully the Preds will get Arnott and Legwand back tonight. If not I fear that this could be a repeat of game 5. The Preds need to once again assert themselves and set the tone physically and do it early. A couple big hits early would be in order.

Ellis needs to continue
to wear the ‘S’ on his chest as he will, once again, be peppered with shots.

The crowd needs to do their part
and will this team (if playing without Arnott and Leggy you could say ‘under matched team’) to victory again. They will need everyone last bit of energy if they are to go all Hulk Hogan on the Wings today.

While I will not be there in person I will be there in spirit!

Go Preds…let’s get it done and go to our first game seven in franchise history. We all know that in a game seven anything can happen!


Interesting Quote…

April 18, 2008

Sitting in my car and heard a Mike Babcock quote saying that going with his plan B (Chris Osgood) is not bad.

“He won 29 games and had the best goals against average in the league,” said Babcock.

Wrong…Dan Ellis had the best goals against in the NHL…sorry Mike.


Whoops…this is what I get for writing a blog in the car in the parking lot while listening to the radio! Ellis was first in Save percentage not GAA…sorry for coming out and slamming Coach Mike there. Eating crow while egg is dripping down my face after removing foot from my mouth!

Heard Trotz on local radio this am and he said all the right things. Saying that the change in goal had more to do with Detroit needing a change than Hasek’s play.

Tonight the Preds need to continue to set the tone physically. If the Preds can do that it will go a long way towards coming away with a win.

In response the Legwands play since he returned Trotz said that prior to game three he said the staff was in a quandary as to whether to play. They started him slow with the fourth line. They then saw him really playing well and not being winded. Leggy’s return gives the Preds two solid scoring lines and gives the Wings more problems than games one and two.

Game starts at 630 tonight on FSN…go Preds!


Osgood To Start Game Five

April 17, 2008

TSN is reporting that Chris Osgood will start game five for the Red Wings. You can read the story HERE.

This is not the news I was hoping for. Who would have thought there would be a time that I was hoping my team would get to face Hasek instead of the back up. Osgood is not your traditional back up goalie however. He is coming off a career year posting a 2.09 GAA and a .914 saves percentage. The 35 year old seemed to not only regain some of his youth in his play this year but improve on it as well. Osgood has the experience and I expect the Wings will play a solid game in front of him. This decision makes this series a whole lot more interesting!


Preds Chase Hasek…Even Series

April 17, 2008

Yet another roller coaster of a game between the Red Wings and the Preds. Say what you will about either team but one thing is for certain they are giving hockey fans a great series to watch.

Last night the quick strikes continued as the Preds we able to score 32 seconds apart (first a goal by Hamhuis then by Weber) and followed up Pavel Datsyuk’s goal with one by Greg de Vries 11 seconds later killing any momentum that the Wings had gained by cutting the lead to 2-1. If a Hollywood writer scripted these games it would go to rewrites because it would just no be believable.

One thing that got lost to me last night was the fact that all of our offense came from our D-men last night. We expect big Shea to put up some points and not shocked by Hamhuis but getting a goal from de Vries is not what you expect (though he has a flair for the clutch goals, scoring the game winner against St. Louis in the home finale this year). Getting the production from the D is a huge lift for the team and bodes well moving ahead in the series.

Is there a goalie controversy in Detroit? Depends on who you ask. It sounded like Babcock had made up his mind who would start game five tomorrow night but stopped short of naming the starter. “I always like to take a deep breath first and then decide what I’m gonna do,” Babcock said.

Osgood played very good in relief and gave the Wings a chance to win however if Babcock decides to go with Osgood it’s, in my opinion, a one way bridge that he cannot go back on. I think, at this stage in his career, Hasek is not good at ‘battling’ for playing time. He wants to be the guy and does not take well to being benched in favor of someone else. Babcock needs to remember the stellar play of his 43 year old net minder that he got in games one and tow of the series. He is one of the main reasons that Detroit was able to take games one and two. It is a very interesting dance that they will have to do.

Even though these teams have been in this exact situation before I feel different about this one. The last time we met in the playoffs it was the Preds virginal voyage to the post season. We might of even still be a little intimidated by the Winged Wheel. Those days are gone. We do not have the experience that Detroit has in the post season (and truth be told we never will…they have a wee bit of a head start!) but this is the fourth time we have been here…now we just have to learn how to close the deal.

If you don’t have plans to watch the game tomorrow night head on down to the Sommet Center to watch it on the big screen. Admission is free and there will be prizes and entertainment at intermission. Doors open at 6 pm.


Radio Silence

April 17, 2008

Will more than likely go to radio silence the remainder of the game…Go Preds!


2-1 At The End Of Two

April 17, 2008

Preds hang on and survive the Wings onslaught. The Wings outshot the Preds 18 to 10 in the second.

The Wings replaced Hasek following the third Preds goal. There has been rumblings of this from Detroit fans. Now the question is what does Babcock do in game five? Go back to Hasek or stick with Osgood. I guess the answer may come with Osgoods play in the third. Osgood was tested and came up big and kept it a two goal game.

The Preds will need to not back down in the third…the Wings will throw the kitchen sink at them. They need to not sit back and let it happen bu continue to attack.


Preds Answer Back

April 17, 2008

just as wings cut the lead the Preds go back up an a goal by Greg DeVries.

Crowd goes non-stop during TV timeout…cheering the boys on for responding so well.