April 4, 2008


I’m an emotional guy. I am. I cry at Applebee’s commericals (you know the one with the coach where they ask him to hang up his team championship photo), baptisms at church, movies (too many to name but most recently watched Rudy again for a good cry!), heck I even got teared up that first home playoff game (man that place was electric!)…so to put it bluntly I am an emotional guy! Luckily I have a wife who doesn’t mind if I cry so that’s okay.

Last night with four and half minutes to go during the final TV timeout of the game I experienced something I had never experienced before. A loud, sustained, crescendoing standing ovation that nearly took the roof off the Sommet Center! It lasted the entire two minutes and well into the next play. I was…emotional. I was fighting back the tears (mostly because my step-Dad was next to me and he would of thought me a fool!) big time. In those tow minutes you could feel every bit of frustration, every bit of support, every bit of wondering, confusion and every bit of sheer support for the hockey team we almost lost. In that applause was thanks for David Freeman and the local group of new owners, there was applause for Dan Ellis and the year that he has had, there was applause for Rich Peverly filling in, for Barry Trotz who endured a tumultuous year and for David Poile who managed to give the coaches the tools they needed and lastly there was applause for the fans…who stuck with this team all year.

It was emotional…



  1. totally agree.

    video of the applause is here: http://vimeo.com/858185/

  2. I was at home watching on TV and I felt it too. Mostly during the post game ceremony. Wish I could’ve been there.

  3. I am a Rangers fan from NYC but caught some of the on ice post game. pretty cool to see players throwing shirts.

    You guys should be proud of your team this year.

  4. I was there and it was a great thing. I hope they could hear it all the way up to Hamilton Ontario.

  5. Hmmmm, another potshot at Hamilton. We deserve a franchise just as much, if not more than you guys, end of discussion.

    Now that that’s out of the way, congrats to the Preds, and congrats to you Pred-Joe. I love coming to your blog to see the perspective of a Preds fan, probably the least covered team by the media. I wish you all the best in the playoffs.

  6. Hey Eggshmeg – you can’t blame us for that one. Truth be told you are one of the few Hamilton fans that represents your town and your passion for the game well. Other Hamiltonians came across as arrogant fans who felt entitled to rob other fans of their team. I hope you get your team some day…just not ours.

    thanks, as always, for your comments on the blog!

  7. Looks like Maggie the Monkey is off the Predators bandwagon after being wrong last year…



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