Detroit…It’s Lovely This Time of Year

April 10, 2008

Ahhh yes…the playoffs…every hockey fans favorite time of year. Where 16 teams are given that chance to win the sports ultimate prize, The Stanley Cup.

Round one has the Predators traveling to Detroit to face the President Trophy winning Red Wings. The Preds typically play the Wings tough and should provide more than enough for the Wings. Instead of doing my typical breakdown of the matchup and making my bold prediction I would go another direction(Preds win it in 6…you didn’t think I would actually not post a prediction did you? And seriously…I am Pred fan and it is my duty to believe and I do!).

Yesterday while perusing the web and reading Red Wing Blogs I found that many were disrespectful to Nashville and Predator fans. We were called rednecks and bubbas and some even thought it funny to put up funny pictures of ‘life in the south.’ I thought I would return the favor today…so here are a few of my favs.

Let the games begin…Go Preds!

Some of Detroit’s finest…I think they call this dancing

Beautiful downtown Detroit

And last but not least…the leader of Detroit. Who wouldn’t love to live there!



  1. You should’ve posted a picture of the old abandoned GM plant, you know the one that moved down here…

  2. Love it. Go Preds!

  3. Actually Seth, most of the original Saturn workers came from many different plants where they were laid off but not a plant closing. I get your point though.

  4. Look at that suit I am proud to say Kwame is from Detroit. The only way this could of been better was if you found the Mayor dancing like that.

  5. You’re right Andy…that would have been great!

  6. Good job Preds! keep it up

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