Preds Drop Game One…

April 11, 2008

Some quick thoughts before bed (have to get up at 4:45 to work out!):

Preds were out shot 40-20…that cannot happen and we have a chance in this thing.

Dan Ellis is showing the rest of the NHL what we have learned this season…this kid is legit! Solid game for his first playoff start ever. He kept us in it for sure and bailed out the D several times.

There is no better puck possession team than the Wings. They are good. At times tonight they seemed to be putting on a keep away clinic.

Not only are they great with the puck but they fill the slots and holes so well that getting pucks through to the net or teammate seems, at times, impossible.

You hate to see the deciding goal be a questionable one. This is a game of bounces and breaks and the Wings got one here. Maybe we’ll get one next time.

I firmly believe that if we can get 25-30 shots a night on Hasek we will win this series. He is giving up rebounds and is not the force he once was…there are chinks in his armor but we have to be able to get to him.

It’s only a matter of time before Tootoo and McCarty drop the gloves. Early in the game I thought I saw Tootoo mouthing to McCarty something to the effect that we’ll get around to going, don’t worry.

Will be interested to hear the long term outlook on Scott Nichol. He is one of our big time energy guys and a big part of our PK. I’ve been hard on him in the past for some of the bonehead penalties he has taken in the playoffs but he has been so valuable to us this season.

It appears that Legwand was close to coming back tonight…let’s hope we get him back for game two.

It stinks to be down 1-0 but overall I felt we played Detroit pretty well tonight and I think we could be in for a long series!


  1. You are dead on about Detroit playing keep away with us. I have always noticed that about them. They play the neutral zone so well too. Their puck possession game is much like a football team that eats up clock by running the ball. They limit your time to create offense.

    I hope you are right about this being a long series. We did have a chance to win this game thanks to Ellis. If we can tighten down on the mistakes we made tonight, we could leave the Motor City with a split. That would be nice.

  2. “You hate to see the deciding goal be a questionable one.”

    Wings fan here. Curious what you think was questionable about it. Are you talking about Zetterberg’s goal?

  3. […] PredJoe […]

  4. Paul, Zetterberg’s GWG would be the deciding goal yes. Questionable as in was it offsides or not?

    As to this post. I have to agree with you on the shots. We can’t expect to win in this series giving up a +20 goal differential. I also agree that if we can get ~30 shots at Hasek he’ll crumble.

  5. “Questionable as in was it offsides or not?”

    Refs are in play. Even if it hit him, the puck was in the air and he was in position – as in, standing on the blue line. If a player were standing with a foot in the zone (or on the blue line) and the puck hit him in the air, it wouldn’t be offsides.

  6. Paul, I’m a wings fan and the goal itself wasn’t questionable but the play leading up to it was.

    The linesmen pretty clearly got hit by that puck. It should have been cleared by Nashville. But instead it bounced back and the Eurotwins converted that bad bounce into a quick goal.

  7. A puck hitting an official is not questionable. It happens all the time. They are in play.

  8. if you see the reply it appears that the puck may have hit the linewmen as he jumped over the blueline…the puck bounces back in and that leads to the goal. that is what in question.

    that aside…the goal itself was a pretty play.

  9. If you jump from the zone, or on the blue line, you’re in the zone until you land out of it. Same applies to players and refs.

  10. It appeared that the jump happened as the puck was heading toward him. Not hit and then jump…it appeared to me that he was outside the blueline when the puck hit him thus making the play offside.

    As I said in my post this is a game of bounces and the Wings got one here…hopefully the next one is ours.

    Saturday promises to be another great game!

  11. Yes it will. I think a lot of people don’t give the Predators enough credit to be able to play the one game that can beat the Wings: grind it, slow it down, muck it up. As always, this series is about which team can play its plan better.

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