Live Blogging Tonight…Legwand Update

April 14, 2008

I will be blogging LIVE from the Sommet Center tonight from the first row of section 320…the best seats in the house for my money! I’m a little biased of course since i sit there…but these are some sweet seats!

In the past I have blogged too much missing some of the action. Look for updates during the intermission and some of the TV timeouts.

The ‘will he or won’t he’ debate continues to rage. The Tennessean reports that he will still be a game time decision. They also report that they did not recall a forward from Milwaukee meaning they will go seven D or put Hordi in. My guess is that Leggy is back…Trotz does not want to have to put Hordi in there and he knew that Leggy would be okay so they did not make the call. Him not skating this am was part of the wonderful dram of the post-season.

Should be a good game…Go Preds!


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