What A Night!

April 15, 2008

I am still at a loss as to how to describe last nights game. It was electric. It was amped. It was hockey heaven for a Preds fan. I cannot imagine a more gutsy performance or never say die attitude than what the Preds displayed last night.

Some observations:

Following the two goals in 9 seconds to give the Preds the lead the place went berserk! For the final four and a half minutes the place was on it’s feet yelling and screaming. My ears we’re ringing as I left the game last night…and no that is not an exaggeration. It was that loud!

I mentioned in a couple of my in live game blogs that Hasek appeared a little shaky last night…like he could give up some goals last night. Hasek was not sharp last night and the go ahead goal was one that normally he would get. Is this is a sign of things to come? Is there a point that Osgood gets the call?

Our sloppy play is still leading to Red Wing chances and goals. A nuetral zone turnover by Radulov led directly to the early third period goal by Pavel Datsyuk. The Preds have got to be stronger on the puck and watch the errant passes.

As much as I want to believe it we just don’t have an answer to Datsyuk, Zetterberg or Holmstrom…these guys are good. Very good. We have solid players but not all stars who you fear will score anytime they touch the puck.

Dan Ellis continues to play solid in net. While not pressured as much last night he made the big saves when he needed to. While not his best performance of the year it was good enough for his first playoff win.

Barry Trotz did what he rarely does when he switched things up midstream last night and put Arnott, Radulov and Erat back together and put Leggy with Dumont and Hlavic. It was just what the doctor ordered. I was thrilled to see the on the fly adjustments and can’t wait to see what he throws out for game two.

Legwand looked great last night. He was flying all around and had five shots on net. He was a big reason we won that game last night!

The fans last night made a difference.
After last night I would put our building against any other in the league. We may be rednecks, we may not have been born with skates on our feet, some of these people may have never heard of hockey prior to this team but we are fans. Great fans who love our team and our city and will let them know whenever we can!



  1. […] PredJoe […]

  2. When Zidlicky dropped the wood on some poor shmuck (the dude with some kind of shin guard) the crowd went beserk.

    I don’t generally subscribe to the notion that a crowd picks up a professional team, but if such a phenomenon exists…it happened last night.

  3. shin=chin.

  4. What a night is right. I have not been to every game in that building by any means but that was the most exciting game I have witnessed myself in that building. I am not going to be there tomorrow night but I have my tickets for game 6.

    Your comment about Zetterberg and Datsyuk is along the lines of what I told my dad at the game last night. Our guys seem to give them too much space when they have the puck. I know these guys are talented but you cannot back off too much when they have the puck. As you said, they cannot score every time they touch it.

  5. […] pretty tame. But they definitely got behind their team when they mounted their comeback. Pred Joe mentioned this: Following the two goals in 9 seconds to give the Preds the lead the place went berserk! For the […]

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